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About Us

It is not possible that everyone is an Advanced Excel user! Importantly as well, not every job requires Advanced Excel. Based on our experience most people are Intermediate users and they do fine in jobs that require Intermediate skills.

Why Excel Skills
Assessments Are Critical

The main problem is what is meant by the term ‘Advanced’. For a variety of reasons this is almost a meaningless word. Anyone who attended a 1 day level 3 Excel course will claim advanced skills even though in our terminology they will be Intermediate (at best). People also often rate themselves compared to the peers they recently worked with. This results in them under or over rating their abilities. There is no commonly acceptable rating scale.

This site allows you to test if your user is actually at the skill level they claim and is perfect for recruitment, inter department transfers and identifying training needs where Excel is a core skill.

It also allows users to benchmark what skill level you are looking for in our terminology AND what job needs are being addressed by Excel so that the testing focuses on these areas.

Our Questions Philosophy

We test whether the person can perform to the level they claim on there CV.

We are also more interested in practical knowledge and NOT book knowledge.

As such we don't place much regard for whether the candidate uses the shortcuts we like, knows the definitions of items in Excel, or can remember where in a ribbon a button is located.

The tests are designed to see if they can do their job using Excel and understand the relevant tools in Excel.

Scoring Of The Questions

We don't disclose the scoring or the answers. The scoring of the questions are done on a question by question basis.

Scoring depends on the importance of that question in that particular quiz. As such the points scored for correct answers can depend on the importance of the question in context.

So a simple (beginner) question in the Intermediate quiz will score less points than the same question in the Beginner quiz. Similarly, incorrect answers could score zero or a negative score. Based on our years of experience, certain questions (answered right or wrong) are more indicative of skill level than others.

Choose the right option for you Best Use Of This Site

To get the best out of this site, buy a quiz bundle. You will gain access to the dashboard which will allow you to send quizzes to candidates and see their results. You can either email them a link to do the assessment offsite, or else have them do the assessment onsite on a phone, tablet or computer. Great for screening applicants before any interviews and confirming assessments during the interview process.

As an individual you can also use this site to improve your skill levels and see where you stand in terms of Excel skills.

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