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For Recruiters
Hiring Made Easy

Boom. No more time wasted on screening CVs and pre-qualifying interviews.

Excel Skills Assessment provides you with the best Excel tools to screen your candidates.

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For L&D
Test Your Staff

For Learning and Development- Understand what the skill levels are within your organisation and send your employees on the correct Excel courses.

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Test Yourself
Excel Skills

Test your own Excel Skill Level- Understand your current Excel skill level and practice for job interviews. Get suggestions on how you can improve and progress to Advanced Excel.

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Quiz LibraryTop Quizzes

Our quizzes, both free and paid, assess essential Excel skills for workplace success with fresh questions focusing on
PRACTICAL Excel proficiency and screening out just textbook knowledge.


Excel Training Level Assessment Lite

A 20 question quiz to determine which Excel course a learner should attend. The Lite version provides a limited report which you can upgrade. The test is benchmarked against our sister sites online courses and the student will be advised on the best course to progress further in Excel.

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What do YOU do in Excel

By understanding what you ACTUALLY do in Excel, you will better understand where to focus your Excel attention.

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Beginner Quiz

Certificate is provided for this quiz. The Beginner Quiz tests the basics and covers areas like navigation, formatting, using some of the tools and basic Excel calculations.

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What is your Excel skill level

Certificate is provided for this quiz. Not sure what your Excel skill level is (in our terms?). These 30 questions get progressively harder and will give you an Excel rating based on our version of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

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Intermediate Quiz

Certificate is provided for this quiz. The Intermediate Quiz covers the areas we expect an Intermediate user to be proficient in encompassing filtering, sorting, some pivot tables, conditional formatting and more proficient use of Excel formula

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Advanced Quiz

Certificate is provided for this quiz. The Advanced Quiz moves to another level where a better understanding of Excel works needs to be shown in a practical sense. It covers the more advanced aspects of filtering, sorting and pivot tables but focuses more on formula use in Excel

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Accurate Excel Skills TestingHow It Works

Our platform allows Excel users to measure and evaluate their Excel proficiency using a
standardized method with an emphasis on PRACTICAL Excel abilities.

Test & assess your job applicants For The Recruiters

  • Test Excel skill claims made on CV's (offsite)
  • Confirm Excel skill levels with onsite tests
  • Benchmark existing staff to compare with prospective employees
  • Access our Skills Assessment dashboard- easily send tests to prospective employees

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Looking to upskill your staff? Learning & Development

  • Identify skill levels within your organisation
  • Match Excel skill level to appropriate Excel courses
  • Keep track of results over time with our dashboards

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