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Earn while you learn Excel

You are currently on points.

In conjunction with our sister site www.AuditExcel.co.za, you can now earn points for the various quizzes you do which can be redeemed for a variety of Excel related products.

The concept is simple.

  • Register a free account if you don’t already have one.
  • Earn all the once off points you can.
  • Grow your points by regularly doing the free quizzes.
  • Redeem your points for various Excel related products.

Register an account

Registering an account is free.

Go to https://excel-skills-assessment.com/product/free-registration/ to get a username.

No credit card is necessary.

Once off points available

These are points that you earn only once.

Once you have an account setup, and you are logged in, by simply following the actions below you will earn points.

1 000 points– Registering an account- Once registered, make sure you are logged in and click this link- Click to Claim account registration points

1 000 points– Subscribe to our YouTube channel- Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/AuditExcel?feature=mhee , subscribe, and then find the rewards link on https://www.youtube.com/@Advanced_Excel/community (you still need to be logged in here).

1 000 points– subscribe to our sister sites weekly Excel tips and tricks newsletter- See the types of tips we provide (and subscribe at the bottom of) the Excel tips and tricks blog page (you will receive the link to claim your points with the welcome email).

Earn points every day

You can earn points every day.

50 points– for every day you login to your account.

Variable points– do some of the quizzes, you earn the points that you achieve. There are several free quizzes. See what is available in the quiz library. A good idea is to, once a day, do the Fun Quiz. With random questions you will be able to learn more about Excel’s tips and tricks and earn points.

Some ideas to get going:

Free Beginner Quiz– points you earn are added to your account (but remember you need to be logged in). You can do this quiz as many times as you want, earning up to 200 points each time.

Excel training level lite– points you earn are added to your account. Great to see which online course your should redeem your points for. Again, because it is free, you can do it as many times as you like.

Fun Excel Quiz– A fun quiz that focuses on tips and tricks- each time it will be different. Try answer the question. If you get it right you earn points, if you get it wrong a YouTube video clip will show you the answer and you will be wiser.

You also earn points for any paid for quizzes you do, so if you were sent here to assess your Excel skill level, you would already have earned points for free!

Redeem your points

You can redeem your points for various Excel related products. When logged in you can redeem them on the Excel prizes page.

2 000 points– 20% off either the Intermediate or Advanced online course from our sister site.

3 000 points– 40% off the Excel Beginner course from our sister site

4 000 points– a paid for quiz of your choosing or the report for a previously completed quiz

4 000 points– 30% off either the Intermediate or Advanced online course from our sister site

5 000 points– 80% off the Excel Beginner course from our sister site

More coming!

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