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Excel Skills Test For Employment

If you want to be able to use our Excel quizzes to assess the skill levels of prospective employees you should follow these steps

Purchase credits to send Excel tests by email

Go to the Buy Credits page and purchase some credits (3, 10, 50, 100 or more)

Specify the people you want to send an Excel test to

Go to Your Dashboard and choose the Send Quiz Dashboard. You will be able to enter the persons name and email address and decide which test you want to send them. You can add more people. If you want to use the quizzes on yourself, just enter your details.

When you are done click on ‘Save Invitations’

Send the test via email

You can either send the quizzes via our system (Send All Invitations) or you can copy the text and send it via your own email.

What the Prospective Employee receives for there Excel Quiz

The prospective employee will receive the email (either direct from our system or from your email account) as shown below. If our system detects that their already is an account with this email address it will remind the user they have an account, otherwise a temporary password will be provided as per below.

Doing the Excel Quiz

When the prospective employee clicks on the link and logs in they will see a page similar to the below which shows the request you have made. When they are ready to take the quiz they will click on the link and do the quiz. You can see what the quiz works via some of the free quizzes available on the Quiz Library page.

Results of Excel Skills Assessment Dashboard

When the skills assessment has been completed by the prospective employee, you will receive an email with the results and/ or you can go to the View Results Dashboard and see a summary of all the people who you have sent Skills Assessments to. Note they also receive the email with the result details.

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